We can’t ban smoking, but smokers are not allowed to bother other tenants

Heimstaden thinks of its customers' satisfaction and wants to minimise any inconvenience they may experience in connection with housing. In the summer months, this also includes annoying cigarette smoke. The company has therefore issued an appeal to all buildings for people to limit smoking.

“We don’t intend to deny anyone their pleasures, but we can all surely agree that when you open your windows, you want fresh air, not the smell of cigarettes,” says Heimstaden CEO Jan Rafaj. With this in mind, the company posted a polite request to its buildings at the beginning of the holidays urging tenants to reduce smoking from open windows at times when neighbours are more likely to be airing out their flats.

The landlord can ban smoking only in common areas, not in the flats. “A tenant can smoke in their apartment as long as it does not bother anyone else. However, it’s about extent. If someone smokes dozens of cigarettes a day and bothers the people living around them, this is already a violation of the house rules and can lead to termination of the lease,” explains Milan Taraba, chairman of the Tenants' Association.

As Jan Rafaj points out, it's all about decency and respect for others: “Consideration and respect for others cannot be enforced by any regulation; everyone must have it in themselves.”

His thoughts are also confirmed by discussions on social media, with the vast majority of contributors agreeing with the company's appeal.