In addition to University Hospital, Heimstaden has expanded food and beverage deliveries

In addition to University Hospital, Heimstaden has expanded food and beverage deliveries from its commercial tenants to hospitals in Havířov and Karviná


After two weeks of delivering meals to doctors and nurses at University Hospital Ostrava, Heimstaden is expanding its “We Are Thinking of You” project to the Havířov and Karviná regional hospitals. The largest Czech owner of rental housing wants to thank healthcare professionals for their dedication in the fight against coronavirus while simultaneously supporting tenants in their commercial spaces by buying their products.


In Havířov and Karviná, doctors and nurses will receive their first deliveries of prepared meals, desserts and beverages on Monday. Heimstaden will also continue these deliveries to University Hospital Ostrava, which began in the second half of October. Healthcare providers in Havířov and Karviná will receive refreshments three times a week, just like their colleagues in Ostrava. Confectioneries, cafés, restaurants and milk bars are involved in the project. Volunteers and Heimstaden employees alike help with the deliveries.


“It's a very nice project that has made our healthcare professionals happy. Thanks for this gesture of solidarity, it is now a great psychological support for all of us,” says University Hospital Ostrava Director Jiří Havrlant.

Regional President Ivo Vondrák appreciates that private companies are trying to help in this crisis situation. “Doctors and nurses in regional hospitals are under a great deal of pressure. This kind attention makes their work under difficult and physically demanding conditions more pleasant for a while,” says Vondrák.

Heimstaden CEO Jan Rafaj wants to maintain this support at least until November 20. “We don't want to stand idly by. This is a way to support the businesses in our commercial spaces while also pleasing those who are tired. And because we believe that this support makes real sense, we decided to expand deliveries to regional hospitals in Havířov and Karviná,” says Rafaj.

Heimstaden has been involved in several important projects in the second wave of coronavirus. Twenty telephone operators help hygienists in the Moravian-Silesian Region with so-called tracing. The company offered dozens of flats to volunteers to work in health care and social services and expanded its Hello, You Are Not Alone! project, which provides help to seniors living alone. At the same time, it helps its other commercial tenants in the form of vouchers and assistance with processing subsidies from the COVID Rent programme.