Heimstaden joins the fight against Covid-19

Heimstaden joins the fight against Covid-19. Company employees are helping hygienists with tracing and are offering flats to volunteers free of charge


The helping hands of its employees and the free capacity of company flats. Heimstaden has offered both to the govern-ment, region and cities and municipalities for the coming weeks, when the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic will reach its peak in the Czech Republic. At the same time, Heimstaden is strengthening the Hello, You're Not Alone project, which helps seniors living alone.


Heimstaden, the largest provider of rental housing in the Czech Republic, was one of the first companies to hear the government’s call on Saturday to involve trained call centre staff in the tracing process, which is headed by the Czech Ministry of Health and public health authorities. Just a few minutes after the prime minister's speech aired, the company offered 20 trained em-ployees, and they have been officially tracing since yesterday. “We definitely want to help! We are a company whose basic values include Care and Dare. And now is the time to show them more than ever. We have also organised everything so as not to slow down the operation of our call centres and complicate daily contact with our clients,” says Heimstaden CEO Jan Rafaj.

On Tuesday, October 13, Heimstaden, in cooperation with the region, the University of Ostrava and Adra, also launched the "Bo sme partyja" (We’re All In This Together) project to recruit volunteers to fight Covid-19. Heimsta-den offers its assistance in the form of furnished flats for 78 registered volun-teers, who will actively help in facilities where there is a shortage of staff. “At the moment we are furnishing 10 flats for Ostrava, and we have other fur-nished flats in Havířov and Karviná. But we are also getting involved as peo-ple,” adds Rafaj, who has already registered as a volunteer under the Adra banner.

At the same time, Heimstaden continues the Hello, You're Not Alone project, in which students from the University of Ostrava and Adra are involved. Every day, students are now calling 100 tenants over the age of 75 who live alone to determine their needs. “If seniors must remain in isolation again, we are ready to increase our capacity to up to 500 calls a day and be in touch with them to the greatest possible extent, so that they do not suffer from loneliness and lack basic things like masks and medication,” concludes Rafaj.