Terms of lease

There is nothing easier than to start living with Heimstaden. We offer you assurance and guarantee of stable landlord, wide range of apartments from the cheapest to the fully equipped managerial apartments, team of experienced professionals who are happy to help you and quality services – nonstop emergency line, customer line, possibility of registering permanent residence. Reside within a week – reside with us!

Frequently asked questions

Where and how can I choose the apartment?

The offer of available apartments can be found on our website www.heimstaden.cz .If you are interested in renting, please contact us via the inquiry form which can be found at the offers for apartments or
via Heimstaden line +420 800 111 050 or via email to info@heimstaden.cz.

Can I book the selected apartment in advance?

Of course yes. In case you choose a particular apartment from our offer, our representative will sign a standardized reservation agreement with you. Signing of reservation agreement is connected with the payment of reservation fee which is usually in amount of one monthly rent including services.

Why do I have to substantiate my income?

Living costs are among significant regular household expenses. Generally these costs shouldn’t exceed 40 % of the total household income. It is logic that the landlord wants to verify whether the tenant is able to cover costs associated with living in selected apartment. In many cases applicants are entitled to a housing allowance. In such cases our company will provide advice and help with processing the application.
I don’t have sustainable income. Can I still rent an apartment?
In case you can’t substantiate your income rent can be settled by paying rent including services in advance for the agreed period. The shortest period for which you can rent with our company is 4 months.

Will I have to pay some fees when signing the contract?

Yes, when signing the contract we will ask you for the following:
·         Administration fee (if applicable at the selected apartment)
·         Deposit of up to 2 times the monthly rent (net rend and service down payment) – usually the deposit is paid by transferring the reservation deposit which is paid at the signing of the reservation contract which precedes signing the lease contract itself.
·         Payment of the first rent including housing related services. 

What is the administration fee for?

Administration fee partially covers costs for rental services. On the real estate market the word “commission” is usually used and it is usually in the amount of at least one monthly rent including services. Administration fee with our company usually ranges from 0 to maximum of 6600 CZK.

Is it possible to pay deposit on installments?

Generally we require the deposit to be paid in full when the lease contract is signed. Payment on installments is possible only under certain circumstances and every such case is assessed and approved individually.

What does the rent regulation consist of?

Monthly rent regulation consists of net rent and down payments for provided services associated with using the apartment. Eventually it also consists of fees for using selected furnishing (e.g. kitchen unit or cooker).  Down payments for housing services mostly include the following: communal spaces lighting, cold water consumption, hot water consumption, water heating, heating, digital TV, cleaning of common spaces (range of the service may differ from one building to another).

How long is the lease contract signed for?

Our company prefers long - term rental relations. When negotiating length of the lease we strive to meet our future tenant’s requirements and needs. The usual lease period is 12 months. Of course it is possible to agree on longer or shorter lease period (minimally 4 months, maximally 36 months).

I work for……. Am I entitled to discount on rent?

Only employees of our contracting companies are entitled to discount on rent. If you are an employee of one of the contracting companies, we will provide you with information about specific benefits at Heimstaden phone line or our real estate agent or human resources department of your employer will provide you with more information.