Your Friendly Homes

The basic vision of the Heimstaden company is “Friendly Homes”. For us, "friendly" is more than just a word – it is a feeling that all our tenants should have in their homes. We therefore build on three pillars on which all of Heimstaden stands.


our knowledge and willingly help each other grow. We are authentic, transparent and honest in our communication and actions.


about and respect our co-workers, customers, partners and the society we live in. We find sustainable solutions for people and buildings.


to think way out of the box. We always look for better ways to do what we do. We encourage diversity, open minds and new ideas.

Welcome to the Heimstaden family

We offer homes across Europe for small and large families, seniors and students standing on the threshold of independent living. We are well aware that each tenant is unique, with their own story, joys and worries. For each of us, home means security, the centre of the world, and that is why we try to offer more than just housing.





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Heimstaden is one of the largest residential real estate companies in Northern Europe, and our portfolio of flats and non-residential premises can be found in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Iceland, Finland and now also in the Czech Republic.

In just ten years, we have grown from a relatively small company into one of Europe's biggest players. Despite having operations in six European countries, it is still important for us to be close to all tenants. That is why we pay attention to the strong representation of Heimstaden employees in every country, city and town in which we operate.

We care deeply not only about the satisfaction of tenants, but also the prosperity of the entire region. In north Moravia, we will therefore try to make a significant contribution to reducing emissions, for example through the accelerated process of building insulation. As social responsibility is another key principal, we shall also strive to strengthen local community centres while continuing to support various discounts for seniors, the “Hello, You’re Not Alone” project and much more.

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